Devblog #8 ‘Core Elements’


This devblog is focused around our Elements System and what makes our game more unique than other shooter games. We will also talk about the single-player experience in this instalment.



The “Elements System” which uses the core elements of earth will be the big thing in our game. This system is a magic inspired system but with some twists here and there. You will use this system to craft abilities which will let you enhance your gameplay and create new ways to destroy the enemy. To open some of the ‘Open- World’ parts you will need to craft new abilities so you can use different machines that will open the gates.


To craft abilities you will need to find “Fragments” located around the world. These fragments are basically the different core elements of earth. The objects containing these fragments have particles around them so the player more easily can find them.

Here is a picture how it will work. We will use the Fireball ability to showcase this. To craft the ability you need to find 2 specific fragment types to create the first level of the ability. If you then want to upgrade the ability so the firaball explodes directly on impact (level 2), you will need to find 10 fragments of the type the ability requires. As we mention before, to use the ability you need to have collected 2 fragments of the type to use it once. If you have collected 9 fragments you need to think about how you will approach the level without it.


On launch we will have multiple abilities in both the singleplayer and the multiplayer. We will add at least some more after the initial release to keep the way you play the game changing. The already fully completed and implemented abilities are: Fireball, Night vision, Stim, Health, Electricball.


Amusement Park:

As we are continuing work on the Shipyard mission we are also starting work on the next one which is called Amusement Park. The name itself suggest the location it is located at, which is in Pripyat. This means we are putting in even more efforts than before to make it look as real as possible. There will be some building that we will soon share screenshots of, which you might have seen in pictures from the location. This location means we can have information in different formats located around the level. We have introduced helicopters in this mission that will drop of soldiers, both for you and the enemy. We are planning more with the helicopters, like a helicopter chase or something else.


  • Helicopter chase
  • Tutorial for Fireball
  • Turrets with lasers

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