DEVBLOG #7 ‘Shipyard Mission’


Here at Digital Days Entertainment we are currently in development of another major single-player mission called ‘Shipyard’. This mission is focused around using machines placed in the environment to get to places and move objects to your advantage. With this mission comes a beautiful small open world where there will be some hidden loot to find. There will be some documents and information about the location placed around the world. We are currently planning side-quest for this level.

We have also added particle effects for the ‘Stim’ ability in the ‘Elements System’. These particles will spawn when the players charges a jump. It will also light up the souronding, making the player easier to be seen in the multiplayer modes supporting the ‘Elements System’. These particles will not be shown in the most competitive gamemode.

For the next two weeks, before the next devblog we will be focusing on completing this mission and create the open world around it. We will also be creating the boats for this level very soon. These boats will lead down to an underground world. We will also be working on the ‘Elements System’ and making the abilities more smooth.

Thanks for reading/ Digital Days Ent


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