DEVBLOG #5 Battle Royale, UI, New Singleplayer Missions and more!

Hello! It’s been quite some time since the last devblog but now we are back with more than ever. So here it is!

Battle Royale:

We have laid the Foundations for a battle royale multiplayer game mode and we are currently actively developing a 4*4km map for it.

“Stand out” mechanics:

  • AI holding the larger bases with the best loot.
  • Portions of or Element System in the game mode.
  • Stamina (Will make it harder to run long distances)
  • Map will be needed to be opened in a fullscreen window in (RANKED MODE)
  • Everybody spawn in random cars that almost drive to the centre of the map. You can jump out anytime you want to loot or just to get a better chance of surviving.


We have created new materials and new assets for this map. We have also gotten the CRYENGINE Tools to the Point where we can easily create random large areas quickly. We are building an Island that looks like it has been abandoned for atleast 10 years, and we are activly trying to get the lighting as realistic as we can.

  • Random settings for TOD (Time Of Day)
  • Random amounts of Fog
  • Random Rain (Puddle amounts, Rain off/on etc)

Loots System (Battle Royale):

We have created different Prefabs of loot that we Place in Buildings. These Prefabs contains two loot levels at the moment and we are going to have three in the near future. It will be random loot at the same Place every game. A military base will have level 2 items which are guarded by AI. This will you mean risking your Life and other players will hear where you are.


We have started to work on our own UI which we will have screenshots of in the next devblog coming within 2 weeks.


We have also worked on the single player.  All from more explorable land to more open world bases and even more.

Major Changes and additions will be listed down below here:

  • Added about 800*1200m new explorable land.
  • 1 New “secure area” Open World bases.
  • 2 new “Kill Everything” Open World Bases.
  • Added a documents system where you can find small facts about pripyat, Chernobyl and the accident.
  • Added Skin system. (Currently only different metal colors)
  • New lighting that makes the game a Little bit more realistic looking.
  • General Bug fixes.

Thanks for Reading!

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