DEVBLOG #6 ‘Trainyard Mission’


We have recently wrapped up production of a new mission, simply called ‘Trainyard’. In this mission, you will get to explore ruins, buildings and a trainyard located in Pripyat. In this mission, you will also get to destroy a train to complete the mission. We have created new assets and made this level as good as we can, to make it more immersive. As our new and improved UI is designed to take up as little of the screen as possible we think the game will look and feel better.

After this post we will share one post on Twitter and the rest of our socialmedia every week and two times every month we will post a new devblog.


Homepage Update:

In the near future, we will have our roadmap on our homepage in a separate page, that will be updated every week. This will mean you can easily check when we will have Public Test versions available as we come closer and closer to release. This feature is in preparation for after the release, where the players will easily be able to see when new patches are expected to release.


Patch Notes (Key points):

New gameplay mechanics:

  • Turrets with lasers.
  • Destroyable Trains.
  • Destroyable lights.


  • Added 1 new Story Mission (Trainyard)
  • Added 1 Open-World ‘Side Quest’


  • Added Health-bar.
  • Added Stamina-bar.


  • 3 new Boxes.
  • 3 new Scrap objects.






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