Summary: Core Elements is an Open-World, FPS game set in the near future just after the third worldwar begun. Explore Chernobyl and Norway in our game! Fight back the "Global Defence Group" with the powers of the earth, as the main protagonist has a powers that let's him use the core elements to shape them into different abilities.


An organisation called "The Global Defence Group" are taking control over the world faster than anyone had ever expected. As the third worldwar just have started a resistance is slowly building up. Your first mission with the resistance is to take control over one of the "Global Defence Groups" bases in Norway so the resistance can use it as a "Homebase". If your team succeeds in this mission you will start to investigate a rumor in Chernobyl that the "Global Defence Group" has started to create a mass destruction weapon that could wipe every last part of the resistance. Where does this organisation come from, why do they do this, who is the mastermind? This is lore you will find if you search fore hidden notes, computers etc.


Elements System. --- We have added a system where you can create abilities by finding core elements of the earth scattered around the levels. We hope this will separate our game from other shooter games and maybe make our game a little bit more unique.
Spawnpoints. --- In almost every mission we will have a unique spawnpoint system that let the player choose from different spawnpoints. We have created this so you can spawn on a stealth route or a sniper route etc.
Graphics. --- With the power of CRYENGINE we are able to create living, breathing environments that we think will enhance the experience for the players.
First-Person-Shooter. --- We have spent time creating what we think is a fun shooter game and we are creating different unique weapons that you will get and some that you will need to find.
Level Design. --- We have not only created levels that we think look good but we have put time and effort into thinking how they will be most fun to explore and give the player different opportunities to finish the mission.


Devblog #8 ‘Core Elements’

Hello! This devblog is focused around our Elements System and what makes our game more unique than other shooter games. We will also talk about the single-player experience in this instalment.   ‘CORE ELEMENTS’ The “Elements System” which uses the core elements of earth will be the big thing in […]

DEVBLOG #7 ‘Shipyard Mission’

Hello! Here at Digital Days Entertainment we are currently in development of another major single-player mission called ‘Shipyard’. This mission is focused around using machines placed in the environment to get to places and move objects to your advantage. With this mission comes a beautiful small open world where there […]

DEVBLOG #6 ‘Trainyard Mission’

Hello! We have recently wrapped up production of a new mission, simply called ‘Trainyard’. In this mission, you will get to explore ruins, buildings and a trainyard located in Pripyat. In this mission, you will also get to destroy a train to complete the mission. We have created new assets […]

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